Current spinning project

I have some scrumptious tussah silk top that I started spinning shortly before I decided to sign up for the Tour de Fleece, so it is my current work in progress (as opposed to something that’s been languishing in a dark corner).

Sanguine Gryphon tussah silk for spinning

Sanguine Gryphon tussah silk for spinning - shiny in the sun

The shaded picture of the braid shows the colors more truly (on my screen, anyway), and the sunlit one shows just why I called this “ooooh shiny” on my stash entry for it on Ravelry.

I’m almost a third of the way through spinning it on my beloved Bosworth spindle:

Stereotypically me

(the photo was taken before I did quite a bit more spinning yesterday afternoon.)

It’s being a dream to spin up – I’m having an easy time drafting it (I’m doing something more on the worsted end of the things) and don’t have a lot of waste. I bought the braid from the Sanguine Gryphon during a charity fundraiser she had going more than a year ago, and while I was scared of the silk at first, I’m having a lovely time of it.

I’m either going to not ply it, or I will ply it with a silk thread. It’s laceweight, and I’m considering making either the Aeolian  or Laminaria shawl from it, if I have enough. On the other hand, it’s coming out a little paler than I had hoped, so it might end up being a color I’d be unlikely to wear.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see the finished yarn!