Further Resources

(This is part of a series of posts on different ways of hiding meaning in your knitting.)

Table of Contents: Embedding meaning in Your Knitting | Converting Words to Numbers | Making a grid | Asymmetry or Symmetry? | Converting grids into stitch patterns | Lace | Cables | Other Encodings | Summary of My Method | Addendum: Ribbing | Further Resources

Novels with secret codes in fiber arts

  • Dickens, Charles. A Tale of Two Cities. (knitting; historical fiction)
  • Jones, Diana Wynne. The Spellcoats (spinning & weaving; children’s fantasy; part of a series)
  • Wrede, Patricia and Caroline Stevermer. The Grand Tour or The Purloined Coronation Regalia. (knitting; YA alternate history/fantasy; part of a series)

Knitting codes

Encryption & Steganography

Pattern Repeat Design

  • Subject heading to look for at a library:
    • Repetitive patterns (Decorative arts)
  • Proctor, Richard. Principles of pattern design.
  • “Symmetry and Pattern Design Resources”. Artlandia. 2010. [http://www.artlandia.com/wonderland/#Textile-design] Accessed 23 Apr 2011.
  • Waterman, V. Ann. Design Your Own Repeat Patterns: A Quick and Easy Approach.