Interesting fibery links

Random fibery links I found online. These mostly came from Pinterest, but I’m probably going to gather up links from all over.

Frilled Cast On – this looks like a nice decorative edge, though it takes four times as many stitches as usual. The page bills it as a match for the picot bind off (scroll down), but I’d rather use the picot cast-on for that. Still, it caught my eye and I thought I’d share.

Note: something I like to do with these cast ons in certain circumstances is to spread out the pointy bits. I’ll make one picot, and then cast on some stitches normally, and then make another picot. If I’m using a stitch pattern, the spacing of the picots will be determined by the pattern. Same for picot bind offs.

A phototutorial for a very pretty scalloped crochet cast on. I can’t seem to track down the original post, but this link is faster-loading than the one I saw first on Pinterest. The watermark on the photographs is for, but that’s not a guarantee that they were originally from fibergraph. Anyway, it’s an interesting-looking cast-on.

This is an unusual cast on. I’m not sure I like it, but it makes me wonder what else might be hiding in old Russian books about fiber arts. (I came across it while looking for the original of the scalloped cast on.)

I’ve been interested in slip stitch crochet for the last year or so. (If you don’t want horribly stiff fabric, the key is to use a big enough hook.) Here’s a tutorial for short rows in slip stitch crochet from Vashti Braha.