Change of pace

I have been trying to post at least twice a week (you might have noticed): one stitch pattern-related post and one technique post. It turns out that between my family and my part time job, this leaves me not enough time for the designing I want to do! So, I’m going to drop down to posting at least once a week in no particular order.

I’ll post more as the fit takes me, but I also have two shawl patterns (one crochet and one knit), a pair of baby booties, a hat pattern, a thing I can’t talk about, and a mini stitch dictionary I want to work on. And that’s just the things I’m letting the front of my brain think about. There are other ideas lurking in the wings.

I also want to go over my secret code posts with a fine tooth comb and repost them as a set of pages to make them more easily accessible.

Optimistic? Yes. You’ll note I don’t have a deadline for any of that listed, but they’ll be done sooner if I’m not constantly working on blog posts. Not to worry, though. I have several posts in the queue.