This is my current hat sample in progress: Ellerbe hat, to go with my Ellerbe mitts. Once this sample’s done, I’ll make sure the pattern is written correctly, then send it off to my technical editor so she can find any errors (typos, math errors, and places where the format doesn’t match my other patterns). Two pairs of eyes are better than one.

I’ll also make arrangements for photography.

But in the meantime, I’m enjoying knitting with the delightfully sproingy and blue Quince & Co Lark yarn and looking at the fuzzy snowflake I knitted into the top of the hat with alpaca yarn.

The theme I’m trying to find in the coming year is Finishing. That is, finishing off a variety of old half-written patterns and half-made samples.

Here’s hoping! (So far, so good. I’ve been talking with Steph, my tech editor, about issues with a couple of patterns already. They’re both almost done, barring the samples.)