WIP Wednesday (why not?)

Some craft bloggers I know post their works in progress every Wednesday. Or on some Wednesdays, at least. I might do it occasionally, as the whimsy takes me.

Today is one of those occasions.

I’m continuing to obsess over my personal knitting project: the rectangle of handspun love shown above. I’m allllllmost a fifth of the way through; looks like it’s going to be a small lap blanket. It makes me happy.

IMG_1062-0(click photo to enlarge)

I’m also doodling with combining knitweaving with other kinds of stitch pattern. A couple of my experiments were not promising, but I’m liking the current one just fine, and look forward to seeing what happens with a couple of the other combinations I’ve been thinking of. I suspect these will turn up as stitch pattern ├ętudes once I’ve worked out the kinks.