WIP Wednesday: Giftalong projects

Well, one WIP and one finished object.

First up, I knit my husband a Circulus (Ravelry link), designed by Sarah Sipe, whom I interviewed earlier. I’ve already given it to him because he needed a new winter hat and walks to work.

I made two slight modifications:

  1. It’s longer than the pattern calls for because he’s got a giant head.
  2. I was having trouble keeping the slipped stitches in the cable from looking sloppy, so I knit them instead. Try it as written first, though – I like the way Sarah’s original looks!

In progress: Sacre Coeur, by Nim Teasdale

Next up, I’m working on a Sacre Coeur (Ravelry link), by Nim Teasdale (Ravelry link). She’s new to me – I learned about her in the Giftalong, and am delighted by her patterns. I was looking for a pattern that would be good in mohair (because I won some in last year’s Giftalong) and that would let me knit until I used up the yarn. Nim’s patterns are designed to be flexible – go have a look! Here is her blog: Little House on the Hill.

The shawl has gotten big enough that it’s hard to see much of it on the needles. I’m almost half done. I’ve been slowed down by Thanksgiving and a cold, but I’m looking forward to more knitting time this week. This one might be a present for me, or it might not – we shall see!