Poll Results: Equality, Justice, Mercy

Equality, Justice, Mercy 15 57.69% 57.69%
Human Rights 7 26.92% 26.92%
Civil Rights 4 15.38% 15.38%

The results are in: Equality, Justice, Mercy was the most popular by far (a small sample size, but we work with what we’ve got).

It’ll be a few days before I post about this project again – in the meantime, I need to decide how to lay out the words (I’ve already worked out the code for all three options, to save time). Then I’ll need to knit the sample, write the pattern, and have it tech edited.

I’ll let you know when I’m at the pattern testing stage! It’ll be a week or two; in the meantime, I’ll be back to my more normal blog content.

Thanks very much for all the debate and input – I’d really rather not make all the decisions by myself.


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