Experiment: afterthought beads

The idea was to see if beads could be added to knitted lace after the knitting was done. This isn’t really a success, in my opinion, but it was worth trying and I’m glad I did it.

I used contrast color yarn  and a darning needle to do duplicate stitch and to attach the beads to the knitting.

My conclusion is that I don’t care for the way this makes the beads sit on top of the fabric. If they’d been knitted in as I worked the original stitches, they’d have nestled into place.

I also don’t like the way the lines of the lace are made thicker because of the bulk of the extra yarn.

Not all experiments are successful, but that information is worth sharing too.

(more images below.)

Duplicate stitching afterthought beads.

Afterthought beads sit on top of the fabric instead of nestling down.