Excited to announce: Ashputtel

This isn’t my design, but in some ways I’m even more pleased, as it’s the first time that I know of that another designer has used my stitch patterns for designing, and to good effect.

Nim Teasdale (Ravelry link) has designed Ashputtel (Ravelry link) for her series of fairy tale shawls (Ravelry link), using two of my stitch patterns (Spring and Summer), with some slight variations of the sort that are sometimes needed when designing a large object.

I’ve knit one of Nim’s shawls and have been chatting with her online. One of the things I like about her patterns is that she tries to design the layouts to make them variable – that is, the charts can be worked in different orders and for different numbers of repeats. I like the way this encourages knitters who don’t want to design from scratch to play with the possibilities and make the shawl their own in ways beyond the yarn choice.

In any case, I’m as pleased as can be! Do go have a look at Nim’s work. And if you’re on Ravelry, it’s well worth looking at the project pages for her shawls to see how people have played with the possibilities!

(And I’d love to see what other designers make of my stitch patterns.)