Linkety-link, part 15

I’ve been enjoying following Sybil R’s blog, Knitting and so on, and seeing the interesting patterns she comes up with (Ravelry page).

Sybil posted over the weekend about knitting random lace, which is something I’ve been meaning to try for a while. (There’s so many things I want to do! I’ll never run out of things to try, I think.) She links to a tutorial and a book. The funny thing is that I think I once saw a different book on the topic in a secondhand book store, but it didn’t catch my interest at the time.

Aside from her excellent link, I’d like to recommend this random lace generator from Knitting Fool. (Not truly mathematically random, but that’s okay.)

What interests me about random lace is what I suspect it can teach the knitter about how lace structure and design work.

(The fact that Sybil linked to me in that post is entirely coincidental; I was reading it in my RSS reader and considering posting about it anyway when I noticed the link. I can entirely sympathize with the desire to avoid counting. )

Here is a somewhat more typical collection of links from me, if sparse: