Galaxite: a free chart for any craft

Yes, that chart in the featured image is leaning. There’s some crafts that can be worked from a grid, but which bias in the process: tapestry crochet, for example. I can’t crochet any more (please, no suggestions), but I can still make a “secret code” chart that’s suitable for it – or for quilting or crochet or cross-stitch or what-have-you.

One kind of chart suitable for tapestry crochet doesn’t involve mirror symmetry so much as rotational symmetry; it doesn’t look so strange when biased. And so this month’s chart based on encoding a word suggested by one of my Patreon patrons is rotationally symmetric. The word is Galaxite, suggested by Katherine.

Here is the regular chart:Galaxite: a free chart for use in any craft.

(for this chart, I encoded Galaxite in base 7.)

Feel free to use it however you like; if you’re a designer, credit would be nice, but is not required.

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