Rhinebeck: a free Fair Isle chart

There’s not much to say about Rhinebeck that hasn’t been said by hundreds of other people already (it’s wonderful! and well-organized, at least from the parking and ticket line and bathroom point of view), so instead I’m going to share a secret code chart for stranded knitting with you. I’ve encoded the letters of “Rhinebeck” as numbers in base six, charted them on a grid, mirrored the grid in two directions, and voilà! The featured picture shows the result in colors I saw at Rhinebeck in the trees and sky. I’ve also included a more basic chart: the coded numbers are marked by the black squares.

Edit: I had a request for colors for a rainy day instead of bright blue skies, and it was easy enough to do:

Rhinebeck take 2I’m also working on some lace, but I didn’t have it ready for today. (I try to post regularly on Mondays – it keeps me energized. Also, regular posting tends to give me ideas for more posts. If I just post randomly, my ideas dry up.) Anyway, it was chilly enough at Rhinebeck that lace seems less practical than stranded knitting.

rhinebeck plain chartI’m always careful with the charts I post for stranded knitting that there’s no more than seven stitches in a row in a single color; this makes better results.

As always, this could be used for cross stitch, needlepoint, or any craft worked on a grid.

Designers, please feel free to use these stitches in your patterns. I’d like credit but won’t be offended if people don’t give it. Thanks! – Naomi

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