Frost: a free chart for use in any craft

Each month, my Patreon backers suggest words for me to encode into charts to use in arts and crafts. I make one into a knitting stitch (usually lace), and make another chart for crafts in general. This month’s word, suggested by Nim, is Frost, which I turned into numbers in base 9 and then laid out on a grid.

frost b9 gridsI’m going to start adding a general explanation of the encoding for each word I use as the basis for a design.

frost encoded

Here’s how to read the numbers of the encoding.

This reads from bottom to top, right to left – like knitting stitches. The black squares are kind of like the spaces between words ; the numbers show the count for each digit of the code.

Frost (in base 9)  is 06 20 16 21 22. I plotted those numbers on charts in several ways, and picked this one as a starting point.

Since the first digit is zero, I counted zero stitches and placed a black square in the first row, then I counted 6 (moving from the first row to the second), and placed another square after the sixth. Two stitches next, followed by another zero, so there’s two black squares in a row. One stitch, square, six stitches, square, and so on.The black squares are replaced by yarnovers in the final chart.

After I mirrored this chart in two directions, I decided that I liked it best as a horizontal border, so I rotated the whole thing by 90 degrees.

Frost: a chart for any craft that can be worked on a grid.

Designers, please feel free to use these stitches in your patterns. I’d like credit but won’t be offended if people don’t give it. Thanks! – Naomi

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