Doubles: a free knitting stitch pattern

When I was playing around with Apple Blossom and Scarab, this design came to mind as a possibility, and indeed it works. It’s a chevron pattern taken to the smallest extreme I can think of, though the chevron part isn’t terribly visible. The Doubles stitch pattern consists of nothing but double decreases and double increases, except for the edge stitches.

This makes a nice set of vertical lines, resembling a rib.

Doubles: a free knitting stitch pattern.

Doubles: a free lace knitting stitch patterns


  • This is a stitch pattern such as might be found in a stitch dictionary. It is not a pattern for a finished object. You will need to add selvedges or some other form of knitted stitches to either side.
  • Doubles is a multiple of 4 + 5 stitches and 2 rows.
  • I’ve made a stitch map for it.
  • An interesting variation is to work (k1b, yo, k1b) instead of KYOKs. This eliminates the double horizontal line between the holes. K1b means to knit in the stitch below the next stitch.
  • Designers, please feel free to use this stitch in your patterns. I’d like credit but won’t be offended if people don’t give it.
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  • CDD: centered double decrease: slip the next 2 stitches as if to knit 2 together, knit the next stitch, then pass the 2 slipped stitches over the third.
  • k: knit.
  • KYOK: (k1, yo, k1) in 1 stitch. Increases 2 stitches.
  • p: purl.
  • yo: yarnover.

Row 1 (RS): (k1, p1) in 1 stitch, *CDD, KYOK; work from *, CDD, (k1, p1) in 1 stitch. [9 sts]
Row 2 (WS): purl.