Some swatches for my secret code rewrite

Just a small blog post this week. I’ve been rewriting my basic instructions for how to design secret patterns based on words. I knit these three swatches to go with the post about turning a code grid into a stitch pattern. While I love the lace designs I made from code grids, I also really like some of the possibilities with other kinds of stitch patterns. One shows the grid as colorwork, one turns it into a knit-purl pattern, and one shows it with slipped stitches with the yarn carried in front. 

This is two repeats of each Peace chart from side to side. I worked two and a half repeats of the knit purl chart vertically, stopping after row 3. I then started working the slipped stitch chart from row 4 (to continue the code pattern smoothly), and worked two and a half repeats of that chart.

I am considering reknitting this one to be tidier. I should have made a plain border at the bottom; I think that would have helped me get the gauge right from the start. I think I might also do the pattern stitches on rows 1&4 with duplicate stitch. This is two repeats of the Peace grid horizontally, and two and a half vertically, ending after a row 3. 

I have some other swatches to knit for that post, too.