Omega: a free stranded knitting pattern

Omega is a Greek letter, used as the scientific symbol for the ohm, the unit for measuring electrical resistance. This makes it a useful symbol for resistance in general, and so I’ve made it into charts for your craftivism needs.

There’s one version that’s a single letter, useful for duplicate stitch or cross stitch. There’s another version that’s for making a band of stranded knitting around a hat or anything else you like.

Omega: a free chart for stranded knitting


  • These are not patterns for a finished object; you’ll need to work out how to include them in your knitting (or cross stitch, or whatever).
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omega: a chart for needlework
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This is the chart for a single Omega motif. It’s 11 stitches wide by 15 rows high.

Omega: a chart for a band of stranded knitting.
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This is the chart to make Omega into a decorative band for stranded knitting; it’s a repeat of 12+1 stitches and 15 rows high. I did my best to keep the floats short, but there is one float that is seven stitches long.