Étude no. 19: k1long increase line

I’ve been thinking about decorative increase lines in the context of the k1long maneuver, which involves pulling a stitch through a part of the already knitted fabric, so I thought I’d try it. I like the result pretty well, though I think I made the loops a little too big. Practice will probably solve that.

k1long decorative increase line

I’m not sure yet how to chart this successfully, but here’s a description of what I did in this case. When I came to the spot where I wanted an increase in the first increase row, I picked a spot to pull a stitch through. In this case, I chose two stitches to the left and one row down.


Here’s how that looks in a following row.


Then I inserted my needle in that spot, wrapped the yarn around it…


…and pulled a stitch through. I was being careful not to pull that loop too tight, but I think it might be a little too loose.

Note: to make a mirrored increase, knit to the point where you want the increase. Then count two stitches to the right of that point, and two rows down, and use a crochet hook to pull a loop through. Slip that loop onto the needle and work onward.