Patterns that use my stitch patterns

If you like my stitch patterns, but you don’t want to figure out your own pattern for a finished object, you’re in luck! There are several designers who’ve used them in patterns you can buy, including me.

So far, I have one lace shawl and one knit/purl hat that use my own stitch patterns.

Bread & Roses shawl

My shawl is Bread & Roses. (Payhip link)

Onward hat.

My hat is Onward. (payhip link)

Helianthe shawl by Nim Teasdale
Helianthe, © Nim Teasdale

Other designers that I know of who have used my stitches as of this writing include Nim Teasdale, Raven, Adrienne Ku, Clarice Gomes, and bunnymuff. You can find their patterns in this Ravelry bundle. They all delight me!

(Designers, if you use my stitch patterns, credit me, and let me know about your patterns, I’ll be glad to list them in this bundle.)