Help Texas flood victims

The colorwork chart I’ve included in this post is based on the word help, using my encoding methods. Whether or not you plan to use it, please consider donating money to organizations helping with disaster relief after Hurricane Harvey.

There’s a lot of organizations that need help. Here are the principles I like to use for natural disasters and some suggestions for organizations:

  • Donate money. It might feel nice to to donate clothes or handmade things, but sorting and organizing those things takes up valuable time. Cash will let organizations on the ground buy exactly what’s needed.
  • Donate to local organizations. They know exactly what’s needed in their area. Also, the money stays in the local economy and helps get it back up to speed.
  • Don’t donate to the US Red Cross. Their response to recent large disasters has been terrible. More here.

Here’s a short list of groups I’ve seen recommended that look worthwhile; there are plenty of other local groups out there that need help too. (Homeless shelters, for instance.)

  • Portlight helps people with disabilities after natural disasters. This is a national organization, but they focus on an underserved population, so I’m linking them anyway.
  • A list of local food banks. People need food. Cash will be most helpful!
  • Austin Pets Alive is taking in animals from shelters in the path of the storm, and is bracing to take in surrendered pets from people who can’t care for them after the storm. More at the link.
  • Texas Diaper Bank. Diapers are very expensive for people on a limited income, and are usually not covered by government benefits. This sort of organization is important for babies and the elderly.

help: a free chart for any craft that uses them

Help: a free chart for any craft that uses them