Fifty concepts photo challenge

This is just a random photo challenge I made up for myself, and you’re welcome to join in if you like!

My plan is to use a random number generator to pick three concepts from the following table at the beginning of each day, and then try to take at least one photo that day using at least one of those concepts. I’m going to try this for a week and see how it goes; if I’m having fun, I’ll keep going until it’s not fun anymore.

My goal is to stretch my photography abilities.

I’ll be posting my results on social media using the hashtag #50concepts. (Picked because it doesn’t appear to be an existing hashtag.) I’m considering starting a photo blog on WordPress instead of posting here.

If you’d like to give it a try, feel free! Use this list if you like, come up with your own words if you like, change the number of words you pick each day, I don’t care. (Just please don’t start tagging people.)

1 abstract 26 nostalgia
2 animal 27 numbers
3 artificial 28 old
4 asymmetry 29 outside
5 broken 30 paper
6 circle 31 parallel
7 contrast 32 perspective
8 corner 33 plant
9 curves 34 rectangle
10 door 35 regular
11 down 36 repetition
12 fiber 37 roof
13 foreshortening 38 rotational symmetry
14 hard 39 rough
15 hexagon 40 rusty
16 inside 41 smooth
17 irregular 42 soft
18 letters 43 textile
19 lines 44 triangle
20 mended 45 unexpected
21 metal 46 up
22 mineral 47 vanishing point
23 mirror symmetry 48 water
24 natural 49 window
25 new 50 wood