Shawl obsession

I realized yesterday that I’ve gotten behind on getting blog posts ready because I’ve been obsessed over the last few weeks with knitting some lace shawl samples. (One is done, one is getting blocked today, and one is just getting started.) I was just going to let today’s blog post go, but then I realized I can share some sneak peeks of the shawls in question because I’m planning to self-publish them.

two shawls

The grey shawl is stitch patterns I designed myself, though not secret code. Its pattern is closer to being ready. The green shawl still needs blocking, as you can see! Two of the three stitch patterns in it (not all visible) are in Barbara Walker; the third is a concoction of my own based on the first two.

I’ve had good fun with both of them, even if I did end up knitting each of them twice (in two different yarns, because the first yarn in each case wasn’t suitable).

It will still be some time before the patterns are available: I need to get them tech edited and tested, and the biggest obstacle for me is that I need to arrange for photography. My current camera situation is not the greatest for sample photography, but I think that will change in about a month or two. (My iPad does perfectly well for taking swatch photos, but waving it around outside for photographing a model is really not ideal.)