Exciting news, plus some miscellaneous stuff

The thing most on my mind this morning is that my next Patreon goal was reached last night, and this means that I will be turning two words suggested by my Patreon supporters into knitting stitches each month! I am very excited and pleased about that.

My original blog post for today is below.

Lumpy beginner brioche swatch

I’ve started practicing knitting brioche – the kind with the slipped stitches and the YOs; I had previously knit some of the kind with knit one below. I’m including my swatch because it’s got a goofy edge and some other mistakes (I need to look up some selvedge advice), and I’m happy with that. It’s part of the learning process and I’m having fun.

Finally here are two older posts of mine that I am fond of, having to do with making coordinating stitch patterns from an existing larger one:

The first of those is, in my opinion, an accessible method for any lace knitter, whether or not you think you can design things.