Using Russian grafting to join knitted squares

Christine Guest recently made an interesting post about joining knitted motifs, and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to try using Russian grafting to join motifs together.

This is just a preliminary experiment; I’m not sure yet that what I’m doing would work particularly well. Someone else might have already worked out a better way to do it – if you know of such, please link in comments!

See this post for my final conclusion!

Knitted squares attached to each other with Russian grafting.

Here I’ve joined three squares together. The grafting certainly looks pretty.

Of note:

  • There is one live stitch left at one end of each line of grafting; the grafting in the pair of squares above or below will need to be done in the opposite direction so a corresponding stitch will be available for grafting horizontally.
  • Dealing with an ever-larger number of live stitches might be difficult.
  • It looks as if this might produce holes at the corners.

I’m going to do another row of small squares for next week, and we’ll see what happens!