I had been going to write a book review for my regular blog post this week, but those plans got put aside when I saw a tweet this morning from Karie Westermann, who is at a nifty conference about knitting. She mentioned tripleknitting, and provided enough information to lead me to this blog post about it by Ruth Churchman.

My jaw dropped.

Tripleknitting is like doubleknitting, but instead of two interlocking layers of knitting, there are three. She worked out a way to do it after looking at some examples by “Alexander Crum Brown (1838-1922), an Edinburgh scientist…He used the process of making these models to explore how interpenetrating layers work together.”

Do go have a look at the blog post. It describes both how she worked out how to do this knitting herself, and also links to photos of Crum Brown’s work.

I don’t think I’ll ever take up this kind of knitting myself, but I find its existence delightful.