Vulture outtake: a needlework chart for any craft

Sometimes when I design a larger stitch pattern, there’s a part of it that I think would be good as a smaller pattern. I think of these as excerpts or outtakes.

Here is an outtake from the Vulture needlework chart. I found the motif charming: it reminds me of feathers or leaves. (A friend remarked that it specifically reminded her of peacock feathers.)

This excerpt isn’t a coded word anymore.

a sample image of Vulture outtake, made to look like knitting, by Naomi Parkhurst
Vulture outtake: a needlework chart for any craft, by Naomi Parkhurst


  • This is a chart such as might be found in a stitch dictionary. It is not a pattern for a finished object. You will need to add selvedges or some other form of knitted stitches to either side.
  • Vulture outtake is a multiple of 8 + 5 stitches and 12 + 7 rows.
  • Designers, please feel free to use this in your patterns. I’d like credit but won’t be offended if people don’t give it.
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