Linkety-link, part 24

Been a while since I shared a bunch of useful links, but today is a good time for it. I’ve been saving these up gradually, so some of them are older and some are newer. Still: useful!

Kate Atherley wrote a very reassuring and straightforward explanation of what to do if a pattern asks you to increase or decrease evenly across a row (or round). She has a useful trick about the math, but I’d like to quote this reassuring bit:

When the designer writes the instruction this way, it’s actually a good thing. It means you can be pretty relaxed about it! If the pattern needed the increases or decreases to be worked in a particular way, or in a particular place, the designer would specify.

TECHKnitter has good explanations for how to do three related increases: Knitted increases based on a twisted tail: Backwards loop, Yanked Increase, & Twisted Yarn-Over

From Interweave, a useful comparison of the appearance of several kinds of increases

Both of the latter two links the result of research I’m doing to help me decide what stitch structure to talk about next. I know it’s been a while, but I’m considering the matter. But now for more links!

A video from Carol Feller about how to work yarnovers between different kinds of stitches.

And last but not least, a useful post from WIPInsanity: Can you use stranded knitting charts for double knitting?