End of Hiatus

Not my usual kind of blog post, I know, but I’ve been thinking hard about what I want to do in coming months, and I’ve got some ideas! It’s a mix of things:

  • Stitch patterns, of course.
  • I’m going to work on some more stitch structure posts.
  • I’m going to work some more on the encoding words rewrite I let slide a few years ago.
  • With the potential collapse of twitter, I’ve been thinking that there’s some things I write about over there that could easily be blog posts here: non-knitting craft projects, personal knitting, cat photos, and so on. Why not? I would probably collect things I would have posted as individual tweets and aggregate them into single blog posts. I might crosspost these to my Patreon as well. By the way, it turns out that it’s possible to follow Patreon creator accounts and see their free posts even if you’re not giving them money. (I just learned this today.)
  • Relatedly, there’s some old twitter threads I wrote that I may revamp as blog posts.
  • I am working gradually on a searchable database of my stitch patterns from this blog to make it easier to search for them; I have to start writing definitions that will help in its use. Why not blog about those?
  • Finally, I’ve changed my mind about using the “bunny ears” name for that set of stitch techniques. Woolly Wormhead wrote a really good twitter thread about how technique names that don’t describe the technique they refer to are fundamentally inaccessible for a variety of people. I prefer descriptive names myself. For a long time I was using 3-to-2 decrease for bunny ears back because it was the only one of that technique I’d used. I only switched over to bunny ears because it looked like it was becoming the standard. Now that I have four variations of the technique I use in my work, it’s not going to be feasible to go back to 3-to-2 decrease.

There you have it! Upcoming plans. (Side benefit: I can check if the RSS feed is working after moving hosts. That is not actually why I wrote this post, though.)