Fixing up old posts, part 1

I’ve had a general policy of not editing older posts, except when there’s actual mistakes or dead links, because I felt like I didn’t have time. Occasionally I’ve come across an old post that pained me because I’ve learned so much since then about how to format or write things. Sometimes I’ve edited them anyway.

This month it occurred to me that I do have time! I have the time I would spend on writing a weekly blog post if nothing else has inspired me that week, and then I can link to the posts I’ve fixed up.

You see old posts you might have missed, I feel less unhappy about them. What’s not to like? This will be an occasional series.

Here’s four older posts I’ve fixed up:

Galaxite lace

How the Galaxite charted pattern might look if worked in a craft that leans slightly to the right. There are some two-armed spirals, and some dots and arrows.

Galaxite charted design

how the moon chart might look as stranded knitting. There are patterned diamonds and zigzags.

Moon charted design

how the rhinebeck chart might look as a band of stranded knitting. Reds, oranges, and yellows make Xes and diamonds on a background of shades of grey. Above and below, there's grey-blue plain knitting.

Rhinebeck charted design