Fixing up old posts, part 2

This week’s update only has one fixed-up post, because I needed to knit and photograph a whole new swatch for Moon, and as long as I was at it, I edited the chart and written instructions. Anyway, that’s enough blog work for one week. I still want to knit the swatch for Moon variation on the same page.

See also Moonrise, a coordinating stitch pattern.

messy green lace swatch, photographed at a weird angle. It's hard to see what the lace is supposed to look like.

Here’s the old photo, which is of a sloppily-blocked swatch, badly photographed. I would have just reblocked and photographed it, but I don’t know where it is. Oh well!

I should remember to photograph my lace on black velvet more often; there’s a reason it’s a standard method!

knitted sample for Moon lace; it looks kind of like stylized dragon heads in hexagonal frame, with a fancy pointy edge.