Alternate 1/1 cable crosses

The instructions for 1/1 cable crosses in my stitch patterns are written with cable needles, but there’s at least three ways to do them without. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post tutorials for those three alternate methods:

  1. 1/1 crosses while leaving both stitches on the original needle. The way I do it is the same result as the one with cable needles.
  2. Cabling without a cable needle. Also the same result as the one with cable needles.
  3. Right twist and left twist, Barbara Walker’s version. (These are mock cables.)

I know the names are confusing; there are at least three knitting techniques that are called right or left twists by different people, two of which (number 3 above and an older version of it) are used in the place of 1/1 cables. The third is what is also called knitting through the back loop or leg to produce a single twisted stitch.

Errata: I was incorrect about my version of method one having been called a Right Twist. Mine is something else. I’ve edited the text above accordingly. (I will not be doing instructions for the older version, as I don’t like it at all.) The