Combining the Hyla chart variants

Each of the Hyla charted design variants has the same stitch and row count, and elements that are the same that flow from one to the next. This makes them extremely easy to combine in a project. Each version has a few more dark stitches, so that the whole effect if worked in order is rather like a gradient of charted designs. (For a similar effect in lace see my Kelpie lace hexagons.)

They are designed so you can work them in any order, or only combine two of them in a project, as you please.

The key thing is that when stacking them on top of each other, none of the rounds marked as round 11 should be included between variants.

A rectangle of the five Hyla charted design variants stacked one on top of the next. There are wavy lines that are consistent across the rectangle, with slightly different diamonds between them from variant to variant.

Here’s how it might look with version 1 at the top and version 5 at the bottom.

If knitting, work rounds 1-10 only of each of these variants in this order, since knitting is worked from the bottom up:

Then end with round 11 of version 1.