Email notifications of new blog posts

If you would like to get email notifications of new blog posts, there’s a new form in the sidebar, or you can subscribe at my new mailing list website. If you were receiving email notifications before 8 March 2024, you will need to resubscribe, because this is a new system and I couldn’t migrate subscribers.

I am the only person who can post to this new mailing list, and I will only use it for blog post notifications.

Here’s why:

There’s been annoying news about Automattic, the company that owns and JetPack and their sale of data to companies that own LLMs (so-called “Artificial Intelligence”). This blog hasn’t been hosted on for several years now, but I have been using JetPack, primarily for the built-in email notifications for new blog posts.

It’s not clear if self-hosted WordPress blog posts are getting slurped up through JetPack by Automattic for sale to Midjourney or the like, but I don’t want to keep using JetPack regardless.

I won’t be turning off JetPack immediately (because I want to confirm I’m not making use of other features), but will be doing so in the next couple of weeks.