I call myself a string geek because I like doing a whole range of hand crafts, most of which involve string or yarn: knitting, spinning, sewing, nalbinding, crochet, embroidery, tatting, dyeing, and probably some I’m not even thinking of.

This blog covers my fiber arts adventures, including discussing various design processes and announcing when I have new patterns available for sale.

Most recent pattern release:

Lacymmetry: an asymmetrical triangle shawl

Lacymmetry shawl

Here’s how to find various things of mine:

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  1. Hi. I am putting together an email for designers on The Fiber Indy List and do not have your contact information. My twitter DM’s are open if you could reach out to me let and me know an email address I can use. Your information will be held in confidence. This is just so I have an easy way to reach you if I have questions or information regarding your listing. Thank you!

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