Privacy policy

All of my services are provided by third parties, which will generally only collect and use your information as necessary to provide those services. Their privacy policies are linked below.

I will never rent, sell, or share your email addresses or other private details.

Pattern sales

Most of my pattern sales are through Ravelry. When you buy a pattern through Ravelry, they send you an email containing a download link and information about accessing the pattern directly through the website. I receive a copy of this email as proof of delivery. I will keep these emails for six months and then delete them. I do not share this information with anyone else.

I also have access to your email address through the sales records on the website. Ravelry’s privacy policy

My remaining pattern sales are through LoveKnitting. They send me no personal information for anyone who buys my patterns through them; they provide me with sales figures only.

LoveKnitting’s privacy policy


My pattern sales on Ravelry are processed through PayPal, as are the tips from my blog. I receive an emailed PayPal receipt for each payment, which contains your email address and sometimes other personal information. Because I receive non-Ravelry payments through the same PayPal account, and the emails for those are my only notifications, I do not delete any PayPal receipts automatically. However, I delete all PayPal receipts upon receipt.

When I download sales data from PayPal for accounting purposes, I delete any personal information attached to each transaction number.

PayPal’s privacy policy


I am able to see a list of my Patreon subscribers on the Patreon website, including email addresses, but no other private information. I also have the option to download a spreadsheet including this information. I have never used this option because it is irrelevant to how I use Patreon.

Patreon’s privacy policy

Comments and blog posts

My blog is hosted on using one of their themes.

I receive an email for each comment received on my blog. These are deleted automatically by my email software. I can also read comments through WordPress, where I am able to email addresses and IP addresses from commenters. I do not use these for anything.

WordPress also gives me general information about who is visiting my website and linking to it. Aside from referrer links, I cannot see any private information about blog visitors.

WordPress’s privacy policy

Direct email

When you send me emails for pattern support or other questions, I save them for future reference.


All the third party providers listed above use cookies to provide various services. These cookies can be deleted through your browser.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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